John Deere Wheeled Harvester

Wheeled Harvesters

ModelBoomBoom reachGross lifting torqueCabinHarvester head

John Deere CH7

8,6 / 10 / 11,7 m

197 kN

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

H413, H414, H415, H480C, H270 Series II

John Deere CH9

8,6 / 10 / 11 m

235 kNm

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

H415, H480C, H270 Series II, H290


Intelligent Boom Control is easy to use and precise – now available also for harvesters

Maneuvering the harvester head between trees is now as easy as grabbing a coffee cup with your own hand. The boom responds calmly and the system takes care of the boom’s movements comprehensively.

The harvester’s IBC system has been adjusted precisely to the work cycle; the trajectory and functioning of the boom changes depending on, e.g., whether the harvester head is empty or if it is holding a tree.

IBC improves work ergonomics and guides the operator in the correct use of the boom extension. Boom operation becomes softer and smoother, thereby reducing stress on the entire boom.

Harvester head driving to tree

The boom tip automatically follows the desired trajectory. Choosing hill mode makes the trajectory suitable for working on a slope.

Parallel-in movement

The harvester head is driven to the optimal harvesting height. The system guides the use of the extension intelligently during different work phases and reduces stress on the boom.

Harvester boom moving in long reaches

Intelligent control of the boom turning improves the control of movements also in long reaches. The boom is easy to use and precise to operate.

John Deere 1270G 8-wheeled harvester

The 1270G 8W provides high stability and excellent steep slope climbing ability. Processing Power Control with three processing levels according to tree size comes standard. Look at the machine working on the steep slopes of Scotland.