Turf Sprayers

Accuracy with every pass: the John Deere ProGator™ GPS PrecisionSprayer

Take golf course spraying to another level. With our new ProGator™ GPS PrecisionSprayers, you'll discover ease of operation, thanks to our AutoTrac™ Guidance system; more accuracy with our individual nozzle control; and with our proven StarFire™ receiver, the confidence to better track and manage all of your spraying.

ProGator™ GPS PrecisionSprayers

Introducing the most accurate and proven GPS Sprayer you can put on your course. With our AutoTrac™ Guidance System, individual nozzle control, and easy-to-learn display system, the ProGator™ GPS PrecisionSprayers will save you time and money with every pass.

View 2030A specifications and features

ProGator™ 2030A GPS PrecisionSprayer

Featuring StarFire 7000 receiver, latest in signal processing technology

SelectSpray™ Sprayers

Make your ProGator™ Utility Vehicle even more productive. Built around flexibility and control, the SelectSpray series offers sprayers with two pump options (centrifugal or diaphragm), an automatic or manual rate controller, and a 200 or 300 gallon tank.

View HD200 specifications and features

HD200 SelectSpray™

Featuring a 757 litre capacity tank.

View HD300 specifications and features

HD300 SelectSpray™

Featuring a 1136 litre capacity tank.