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Finance on your terms:

At John Deere Financial, we're invested in supporting your business.
We provide the surety of a fixed rate for the duration of your loan.
What's more, because we understand the ebbs and flows of your business, we'll offer flexibility when it comes to structuring your repayments and a loan term that best suits your business cycle.
Talk to us today to discover how personalised finance can benefit your business.
*Terms and Conditions apply


Speak to your dealer for specific conditions and for eligible equipment.

Specialised Knowledge 

Specialised Knowledge

We are a local company, backed by a global network with generations of experience and specialised industry knowledge.

For many generations we have been manufacturers of the equipment you choose to successfully drive your business.

Interest Rate Protection 

No early exit fees

To further support your business, be assured that if you choose to pay out your contract early there will be no exit fees.

With this benefit, you can run your business with this promise in mind.

Fixed Interest Rate 

Fixed Rates

Throughout the life of your loan, your interest rate will not change.

You can plan and prioritise your business secure in the knowledge your repayments will not be affected by rising rates.

Personalised Finance 

Personalised Finance

Personalised finance means just that,  finance tailored to your individual needs. With varying options that consider your industry seasonality, cash flow, terms and business goals, we are focused on providing flexible solutions that meet your needs.

We will work with you to make it work FOR you.

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Equipment Financing: Features of Loan Vs Lease:

Agribusiness Solutions

Online Application

Leasing agricultural equipment or taking out a loan to purchase both have their advantages.
Which one is best for you depends on your goals as a contractor at any given time.


What is a Secured Commercial Loan?

A Secured Commercial Loan is a common way that a business can finance the purchase of assets. It is a commercial finance product where a financier lends a borrower money to buy an asset and the borrower makes regular repayments. Loan refers to the money borrowed by the commercial entity (known as the borrower).

The business takes ownership of the asset, but the financier has a ‘mortgage’ (also known as a security interest) over it until the loan is paid in full, including any balloon payment. Borrowers can choose to have a balloon payment at the end of the term in order to reduce regular repayment amounts or schedule the repayments to pay off the whole amount over the term. Interest accrues on the amounts owing during the term of the loan and repayments include both principal and interest.

A deposit is usually required, which will be paid to the seller as an initial down payment.

With a secured commercial loan, the borrower is financing the asset and takes the risk for the resale value at the end of the term.

GST applies to the purchase price of the asset, but not to the interest charged under the loan.


Operating Lease

Think of an Operating Lease as a type of rental agreement.

The lessee has access to the vehicle for a set time period and is able to use the vehicle for the full term of the agreement, paying rentals periodically as agreed to in the Operating Lease Agreement. This product does not provide funds to complete an asset purchase; the rental amounts are based on the expected use of the vehicle throughout the term of the agreement. E.g., Number of usage hours per year

The lessee can pay the rental and vehicle maintenance in one easy periodical repayment.

Lease products not available for construction and forestry equipment.

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