June 2018

Generation 4 Display Software 18-1 includes enhancements and resolved items to Generation 4 Displays.


StarFire™ 6000 Software Update 18-1

February 2018: StarFire™ 6000 Software Update 18-1 includes new features and compatibility enhancements to improve receiver and Precision Ag Technology system performance.


Generation 4 Display Software Update 18-1

Software Update 18-1 includes several enhancements to Generation 4 Display features and additional implement compatibility.

See the following link for important safety information regarding Software.

Generation 4 Display Safety Information


Generation 4 Display Software 17-2  
Software update 17-2 is intended for Generation 4 4600 V1.0 and 4100. This software includes enhancements and resolved items to Generation 4 Displays. 


GreenStar™ 3 2630 Software Update 18-1

March 2018: GreenStar™ 2 and 3 Software Update 18-1 includes product enhancements that provide increased efficiency for customers' operations.


AMS Operator Manuals

AMS Operator Manuals are now a free PDF download from the Technical Information Bookstore.

Technical Information Bookstore



Apex™ Farm Management Software Update

February 2018: Apex 3.8.4 release to address defects.

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