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Outrun expectations

We understand the demands loggers put on their John Deere machines. Watch the video to learn how we continue to evolve our products to meet your needs.

TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager

TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager

No more guessing. TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager open a real-time view to the work site.

Intelligent Boom Control

Intelligent Boom Control

John Deere introduced Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) for forwarders in 2013. For harvesters, IBC was introduced in 2017. In the harvester, functioning of the boom adjusts automatically to the harvester's work phases.

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Forwarder simulator


Operating both forwarder and harvester can be trained simply by switching the model from the simulator display. It is even possible to use numerous machines simultaneously at one stand by connecting several simulators to the same exercise. Training with a complete machine chain at the same stand gives a realistic picture of logging.
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