John Deere Forwarder at work


ModelLoad ratingLoad spaceBoomCabinWeight w/ fixed cab, from

13,000 kg

4.0 / 4.6 or 4.7 m² (narrow/wide), VLS 4.1 - 5.1 m²

John Deere CF7

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

16,180 kg (6W) / 18,080 kg (8W)

15,000 kg

4.6 / 5.3 m², VLS 4.3 - 5.3 m²

John Deere CF7 or CF7S

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

16,330 kg (6W), 18,230 kg (8W)

21,000 kg

5.3 / 6.5 m², VLS 5.4 - 6.8 m²

John Deere CF8

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

18,790 kg (6W), 21,530 kg (8W)


For mid-size forwarders

XI jib booms equipped with a hidden hose extension will be available for CF7 and CF7S loaders of the mid-size forwarders. The jib booms for older CF7 and CF7S loaders can also be replaced with the new XI jib boom. With IBC, this requires a parameter adjustment.

A strong Indexator GV12-2S rotator will be available as an option with XI jib booms.

John Deere 1510G forwarder loading

Strong and durable

There are no holes, brackets or other accessories at the front of the jib boom which would weaken the boom or would be prone to impact damage. Hoses and cables are covered by the boom structure and the hose routing between the main and jib boom and inside the extension pack have been redesigned.

John Deere 1510G fowarder

Usability and ease of service

The new jib booms have improved usability, durability and ease of service. The geometry of the boom has been improved with a more balanced ratio of lifting and jib in/out. This makes the boom operation and trajectories smooth and improves productivity.

  • 1510G and XI boom

    NEW XI jib boom

  • 1510G and XI

    Strong and powerful

  • 1510G forwarder boom

    Improved hose routing

  • 1510G forwarder jib boom

    Improved geometry

  • John Deere 1510G with lights on

    New work light

Clear view with new windows

The cabin windows have been renewed during the year 2020. The RENCRAFT®-polycarbonate is high quality material that has an excellent optical quality due to the manufacturing process. The view does not distort even when looking out sideways. Thanks to the Super Hard Coat, the polycarbonate has almost the same wear resistance as glass. The wipers don't scratch it easily and the tolerance for cleaning agents is good. The new windows are also thicker than previously, so the sound insulation improves as well. New glass fulfills the standard ISO 21876 which will become effective in 2020, as well as ECE R43 Class L standard.


Exact location of each log

The data between the machines are updated through a cloud service, and all the operators working at the same work site can see all the tree species and assortments with the driving routes right down to the individual logs.

John Deere 910G and logs