New, powerful harvester head H225E

John Deere H225E harvester head from 3 directions

Excellent debarking

The H225E is an excellent tool for effective eucalyptus harvesting. Four moving delimbing knives, one fixed top knife, fixed lower knife, fixed debarking tools in the frame and two rotating rollers ensure excellent debarking from large to small top diameters. 

Excellent Performance

Long component life, durable hose routings and ease of daily service add to the high reliability of the H225E.

  • High productivity
  • Excellent debarking
  • Excellent durability
  • Controllability with PEvo valve gives excellent performance and serviceability
  • All hosing is new and improved with PEvo valve implementation
  • Accurate diameter measuring
  • Reliable and accurate length measuring
  • Cast upper delimbing knives make it easy to pick stems from the ground
  • Roller arm cylinder protection lowers service and repair costs
  • Easy to service
  • Excellent performance with crooked trees
  • New look designed by BMW Designworks

Max cutting diameter is 550 mm.

Additional options

  • Support plate to upper frame for fluent feeding of crooked stems
  • Support roller with in feed motor measurement
  • Find-end-sensor – laser sensor for productivity increase when processing stems from a pile and when working in slopes
  • Fixed lower knife
  • For tracked machines: WP35 - Work Pressure 350 bars - option for more hydraulic power
  • Variable angle feed rollers for improved debarking and increased effective feed speed
    • The variable angle Vario feed rollers make the processed stem rotate in different speeds depending on the diameter, improving debarking quality.
    • Increased feed speed at the top of the stem improves productivity.
    • Vario feed rollers also decrease the need for reverse debarking thus increasing productivity. 

Vario feed rollers