Draper Platforms

family of draper platforms together in field

A family that sticks together

Popular features from the 645FD make their way to the rest of the HydraFlex™ Draper family

Meet the Draper Platforms

600D Draper Platforms

ModelsWidthTwo-piece ReelDual Knife DriveHydraFloat™ Suspension

7.7 m (25 ft)


9 m (30 ft.)


10.6 m (35 ft.)


12 m (40 ft.)

600FD HyperFlex Draper Platforms

ModelsWidthHydraFlex™Two-piece ReelDual Knife Drive

9 m (30 ft.)


10.6 m (35 ft.)


12 m (40 ft.)

13.7 m (45 ft.)

700c series corn heads

700C Series Corn Heads

Designed for superior gathering performance when harvesting standing, down or lean crop.

s series combine moving through field overhead view

S-Series Combines

Harvest. Smarter. Introducing the new S700 Series Combines.

Image of header ready for transport

Harvest Equipment

Header equipment that fits your harvest needs. Pair up a specialty corn head with a header transport.