9R, 9RT, and 9RX Intelligence and Productivity

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Intelligence and Productivity

We make it easy for you to benefit from having a connected tractor. All 9 Series Tractors come standard with JDLink™ and five years of connected service.* And with the integrated StarFire™ 6000 Receiver and Generation 4 Display, you can step right into advanced technology. If you’re an advanced tech user, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a highly intelligent machine connected to a full suite of solutions on the most open platform in the industry.

Integrated StarFire™ Receiver

Integrated StarFire™ 6000 Receiver

Eliminates all setup, installation, and calibrations. The SF3 with one-year subscription is standard. Upgrade to Radio RTK, to meet the accuracy needs of your operation.



JDLink comes standard with five years of connected service,* enabling streaming of data to the John Deere Operations Center, machine-to-machine communication, In-field Data Sharing with your agronomic consultants, plus Data Sync, Remote Display Access, Remote View and Adjust, and John Deere Connected Support.™

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4600 CommandCenter™ Display

The Generation 4 Display provides tractor and implement performance data, and allows you to adjust on-the-go to improve accuracy. An optional Generation 4 Extended Monitor enables you to have direct access to more information on run pages at all times.

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation

Sit back and relax as your 9 Series Tractor automates the entire end-of-row turning sequence. There’s no need for manual steering nor raising/lowering of the implement as your tractor does it all for you, saving you a lot of effort. Ask your dealer about a product demo. (Requires activation.)

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John Deere Operations Center

Access field, crop and machine information anywhere, anytime, on your desktop computer or mobile device through John Deere Operations Center. Plus, with more than 140 connected software tools  and other major farm management systems used by agronomists, you can make the most out of your data.

in-field data sharing

In-field Data Sharing

Coordinate multiple tractors in the same field to save time and improve logistics. With In-Field Data Sharing, you can share coverage map and guidance lines for increased efficiency and complete field coverage.

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*Activation/subscription required. Some additional accessories and/or components may be required. JDLink requires a cellular connection to transfer information from machine to JDLink website. Consult your John Deere Dealer for coverage availability. Gen 4 Activations are machine specific activations that remain with the tractor.