Broadcast and Targeted Spray on Fallow Ground

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77%1 Average Herbicide Savings


Targeted spray + broadcast spray


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As-Applied Maps and Savings

Using computer vision and advanced technology to Target Spray weeds in fallow fields, you can significantly reduce your herbicide use by applying only what you need.

Cover your fallow fields with advanced camera and nozzle-control technology to spray only weeds.

Sprayer with See & Spray Select in field


77%1 Average Herbicide Savings

By only spraying weeds, you'll reduce your herbicide use and lower your input cost per pass. Or, invest your savings into more advanced tank mixes to gain cost efficiency in your spraying applications.

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Reduce Herbicide Use

See & Spray™ Select delivers a targeted spray to weeds, applying herbicide only where needed. Plus, our ExactApply™ nozzle control technology helps reduce potential drift.

View As-Applied Maps and make informed decisions regarding field prescriptions faster with the Analyze Tool within the John Deere Operations Center™.

See how you get Targeted and Broadcast Spray capabilities in one sprayer, with Targeted Spraying achieving a similar hit rate to Broadcast Spraying.

Close up of camera on See & Spray Select


Scan Fallow Ground

When using the targeted spray, small cameras integrated into the boom continuously scan the field and send data to the sprayer’s vision processing unit.

Close up of processors on See & Spray Select


Identifies Weeds

See & Spray Select's processors detect the colour green, applying non-residual herbicide only on weeds.

See & Spray Nozzles


Activate only Nozzles Needed

Once weeds are identified, specific nozzles are activated to target spray them. The number of nozzles activated can vary based on weed pressure within that area of the field. When necessary, the sprayer can switch from Targeted Spraying to Broadcast Spraying, all with the push of a button on the in-cab display.

Image of map on screen

As-Applied Coverage Maps

Record Where Herbicide Was Applied

Using the in-cab display, See & Spray Select documents where herbicide was applied. In addition, the display provides a coverage map of the area travelled where herbicide was not applied. This documentation is streamed to your John Deere Operations Center™ account, and enables you to track performance data and savings, to make informed decisions in your weed management program.

See & Spray Select
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I add See & Spray Select to my current sprayer?

    No. See & Spray Select is a factory-install option only.

    What model sprayers is See & Spray Select available on?

    See & Spray Select is available as a factory install option on 408R, 410R, 412R, 612R and 616R sprayers.

    What boom sizes are available on See & Spray Select?

    36.6 m (120 ft.) steel booms are available on See & Spray Select.

    Is See & Spray Select available to use on any crop?

    See & Spray Select is focused on fallow ground or traditional broadcast application.

    Can I use See & Spray Select at night?

    Yes, on model year 2023 Sprayers onwards, equipped with See & Spray Select.

    See & Spray Select is factory installed, completely integrated, and supported by your local dealer.
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    1. Based on tank-level sensor values taken at a steady state on John Deere sprayers equipped with and without See & Spray™ Select, before and after covering 30,351 hectares (75,000 acres) of fallow ground with a typical weed pressure of 7,500 weeds per hectare (3,000 weeds per acre), using small and medium spray-length settings starting at 0.7 to 1 m (2.3 to 3.2 ft.) and average growing conditions (seasonal precipitation and temperature) across the US and Canadian plains and Australian farms. Spray-length settings varied based on ground speed, spray pressure, and boom height. Sprayers were equipped with current hardware and software at time of study. Individual results may vary based on field and growing conditions, weed pressure, spray-length settings, and software version.

    3. Internal John Deere study comparing fuel consumption of sprayers equipped with and without CommandDrive™ all-wheel drive. CommandDrive™ reduces fuel consumption up to 20% when operating in Auto Mode. Individual results may vary.

    4. Internal John Deere study comparing chemical usage between sprayers equipped with and without the ExactApply nozzle-control system. ExactApply is an optional feature and can reduce chemical usage from 2 to 5%. Individual results may vary.