bale of hay being packaged by a tractor in a field

Crop Packaging

Perfect bales, every time

John Deere crop packaging products are designed and tested specifically for your John Deere baler and are built to perform.

Our crop packaging products are the result of combined baling business knowledge from industry world leaders. The rigorous verification and validation processes ensure that John Deere provides outstanding performance in all areas.

Fast loading, easy-to-use, and designed for a long service life, our crop packaging products deliver superior performance. Our Netwrap for example gives more bales per roll, increased crop protection for longer lasting blades, all while providing a low cost-per-bale.

This, combined with the expert support of your John Deere dealer, is why it makes sense to always choose genuine John Deere crop packaging products.

Crop Packaging

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John Deere netwrap with Zebra System

The John Deere Zebra System increases your efficiency. The wide stripe helps you load net rolls into the baler correctly. At feeding time it also tells you which direction to unroll the net off the bale. The red stripe in the middle of the bale appears when there is enough net on the roll to wrap only 5 to 6 more bales, giving you plenty of time to plan the next change.


The perfect baling experience.

Only John Deere netwrap is designed specifically for your John Deere baler. Thanks to a unique formula, the new XtraNet provides an enhanced performance and all-day trouble-free baling. Strong, long and consistently reliable, it's your ultimate choice.

  • Reliable and consistent performance: For a trouble-free baling experience every time.
  • Efficiency: Less down time for roll changes and baler setup will help you boost your baler's output.
  • Length: You get what you pay for. Guaranteed.
  • Variety: Available in a range of lengths. Use the right roll length for your operation.

Reliable and Consistent Performance + Efficiency + Length = Lower Cost vs. Look-alike Alternatives.

Calculate the cost of net per bale that you wrap and you'll find XtraNet delivers the best value.

XtraNet 123 centimeter by 4500 meter roll with a white background

XtraNet 123 centimeter by 2800 meter roll with a white background


Leading edge protection for your bales.

CoverEdge netwrap has unique, elasticated edge threads so that the net extends over the edge of the bale. This ensures better bale protection and eliminates bale "shoulders". CoverEdge netwrap is designed to work with John Deere balers and is only available from your John Deere dealer.

roll of XtraNet 170 centimeters by 2,750 meters with a white background

roll of XtraNet 130 centimeters by 3800 meters with a white background

  • Reliability and consistency: For a trouble-free baling experience every time.
  • Better weather protection: With the bale edges covered, there's less opportunity for rain or moisture to penetrate the bale.
  • Reduced crop losses: Smooth edges hold crops tight to the bale surface and make storage easier and neater.
  • Better looking bales: Bale contractors deliver perfect-looking bales that store and transport better!
  • Easier handling: CoverEdge netwrap holds crop material inside the bale during transport, so bales look good even after handling.
  • Plastic core inserts: Provide marketability and compatibility for John Deere CoverEdge netwrap in all balers that utilise a roll support system.
  • Length: You get what you pay for. Guaranteed
  • Low cost per bale: A roll of John Deere CoverEdge netwrap may cost more than standard netwrap, but you get so much more. On a performance and per wrapped bale basis, CoverEdge delivers superior value.


Product Name Width Roll Length Colour Rolls per Pallet
John Deere XtraNet 4,500 123 cm 4,500 m Green/Yellow 16
John Deere XtraNet 2,800 123 cm 2,800 m Green/Yellow 16
John Deere CoverEdge 123 cm 3,800 m Green/Teal 16
John Deere CoverEdge 5' 169 cm 2,750 m Green/Teal 12


Emu Twine

Reduce cost, improve efficiency.

EMU twine 2-pack of 1100 Meter yellow/green with white background

Manufactured to the highest specifications with 100% virgin polymers, the Emu High Density twine range is proven in Australian conditions - to keep you baling until the job is done.

  • Longer spools for higher efficiency
  • Increase the tonnage of crop baled per full baler 'load' of spools
  • Fit into ALL types of large square balers and suitable for use on all makes and models
  • UV stabilised for Australian conditions
  • Lowest amount of plastic use per bale in the market
  • Zero plastic waste in production processes


Product Name Baler Type Length per Pack Packs/ Pallet
EMU 'High Density' Twine Large Square  2,200 m 24


XtraFilm Stretchwrap

Clings better, protects better.

John Deere XtraFilm bale wrap guarantees maximum performance, backed by a team you trust.

John Deere Xtrafilm bale wrap product photo with white background.

  • Better cling: Ensures a powerful airtight seal for every bale, every time.
  • UV protection: Strong UV inhibitors reduce degradation from sunlight.
  • Superior puncture and tear resistance: John Deere XtraFilm bale wrap offers protection against film puncturing. It has exceptional strength, giving it high tear-resistance.
  • Multi-Layer co-extruded film: John Deere XtraFilm plastic is a multi-layer, co-extruded film, produced from 100% virgin polymers, for great strength when bale wrapping.


Product Name Width Roll Length Colour Rolls per Pallet
John Deere XtraFilm 75 cm 1,500 m Green 40