Press Releases   September 16, 2020

John Deere updates the John Deere Operations Center and MyOperations™ App to further streamline precision ag

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John Deere has updated the John Deere Operations Center and MyOperations App.

Crestmead, Queensland (16 September, 2020) — John Deere has released new software updates to the John Deere Operations Center and its MyOperations App, as it continues to make the benefits of precision agriculture easier to achieve and more accessible than ever before.

Since its launch almost a decade ago, the Operations Center has evolved to become a central tool for New Zealand farmers and operators to unlock the power of precision agriculture, and to optimise machinery performance. The MyOperations App enables growers to conveniently take information from their Operations Center account into the field, to help manage equipment information, production data and farm operations from a mobile device.

John Deere Precision Agriculture Manager, Ben Kelly, said the latest updates further expand the capabilities of both the Operations Center and MyOperations App to support farmers in achieving in-paddock gains. In particular, this update will allow growers to more easily collect and edit a variety of field information from the convenience of their phone or tablet, to result in more timely collection of field records, and a comprehensive picture of what has occurred throughout the season.

"There remains no question digital technology is one of the keys to greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability in New Zealand farming." Mr Kelly said.

"However, one of the greatest barriers to uptake, outside of connectivity challenges, has been a perception that the technology can be time consuming or complicated to implement.

"Our technology is simple and effective, and we have support networks in place to help farmers get the most out of the machines and the technology they have. The MyOperations App is an easy-to-use and portable tool to help bring information together."

Key updates in September include:

Expansion of data editing capabilities from MyOperations

  • Improves data accuracy and quality by enabling growers to edit field information from their mobile device, and sync it across the John Deere digital ecosystem. New data editing capabilities include:
    • Crop type (for example, wheat, barley, canola, cotton)
    • Crop season (year)
    • Post-calibrate yield and area harvested.

Add field records from MyOperations

  • Allows growers to manually add tillage, planting, application and yield information from their mobile device. This allows capture of complete field records, regardless of a machine's data collection capability.

Removal of the sign in requirement to view a machine display from MyOperations

  • Saves time and monitors farming operations more easily, by removing unnecessary logins.

"By simplifying the way farmers can input and edit key data from their mobile or tablet, we're helping them to compile high-quality information and insights about each field," Mr Kelly said.

"This is particularly important given the results which can be gained through the implementation of precision agriculture is directly linked to the quality of the data which is fed into the system.

"This update also demonstrates how John Deere is prioritising making technology simple to use so that the powerful benefits it brings to agriculture are available to as many growers as possible, regardless of where they are in their precision ag journey.

"We encourage farmers and operators to check out and install the new updates for access to the most up-to-date and easy-to-use technology available."

The John Deere Operations Center is free online software from John Deere designed to help farmers manage their equipment and farm data. For more information visit Farmers can also login or create an Operations Center account at

The MyOperations App connects to the Operations Center, allowing farmers to take their data to the field. It's free and can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Full details of this latest update see the Release Notes available here.

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