Press Release   March 28, 2018

John Deere introduces 60-foot 1895 No-Till Drill and ProSeries™ Openers

New wider no-till seeding system integrates latest technology for precise seed placement

Crestmead, Queensland (March 28, 2018) – Small-grain and oilseed producers can now plant more hectares quickly and accurately with the introduction of the 60-ft. (18.29 m) 1895 No-Till Air Seeder from John Deere. This latest addition to the 1895 Air Seeder lineup is 40 percent wider and incorporates many new technologies designed to improve seed and fertiliser placement, while decreasing soil disturbance and maintenance demands, for increased productivity during often tight planting windows.

Highlighted features of the 60-ft. (18.29 m) 1895 Seeder include the new ProSeries™ Openers, RelativeFlow™ blockage warning system, TruSet™ in-cab downforce pressure control, and larger, high-floatation tyres for less soil compaction when operating in the paddock. When combined with an air cart and NH3 tanks, the 1895 provides the ultimate single-pass seeding system for producers of small grains and oilseeds.

“This wider no-till air drill is a perfect fit for producers looking to cover more acres faster with greater precision and improved monitoring of seed and fertiliser placement,” says Emily Klemmer, seeding product manager for John Deere. “The 1895 is built on a heavy-duty tool bar for years of reliable operation under tough paddock conditions and is compatible with 430- and 550-bushel 1910 Carts, as well as the C850 Air Cart, plus twin NH3 tanks.”

The seed rows on the new drill are on 10-inch (25.4 cm) spacing with separate fertiliser rows on 20-inch (50.8 cm) spacing. Seed and fertiliser rates are controlled by the SectionCommand™ metering system and powered by an AirPower™ 2 dual-fan for variable rate and prescription seeding applications. The twin fans provide a 40 percent improvement in flow of seed and fertiliser to the openers across the entire seeding compared to a single-fan system.

Operators can control and set downforce pressure accurately and conveniently from the cab with Deere’s exclusive TruSet closed-loop downforce pressure control system. This feature provides uniform and precise seed and fertiliser placement across the working width of the toolbar, under variable soil and field conditions, for more uniform plant emergence and crop maturity. TruSet offers six customisable pre-sets for seed and six pre-sets for fertiliser, or the operator can dial in the exact downforce pressure settings they desire.

The RelativeFlow Blockage Monitoring System is another John Deere exclusive technology that will now be offered on the 60-ft. (18.29 m) 1895 Seeders to provide operators more accurate seeding performance information in the field. Sensors in the primary tower and on secondary hoses monitor the relative flow rate of both seed and fertiliser across the drill, from opener to opener, and this information is displayed on the monitor in the cab.

In addition, the 1895 Air Drill has a floating front hitch, wings with 25 degrees of flex, and larger, high-floatation mainframe and wing tyres placed inside the high-clearance frame to provide better ground following and drill-to-soil contact when covering hilly, undulating terrain.

New ProSeries Openers

For the first time, Deere is introducing the new ProSeries Openers, which replace the 90 Series Openers. The ProSeries Openers will be available for the first time on the 60-ft. (18.29 m) 1895, then expanded to other models in the future. These performance-driven openers feature a serrated closing wheel option for better seed and fertiliser sealing, narrow and flexible press wheels along with a narrow seed boot for reduced soil disturbance while ensuring more precise seed placement.

“The ProSeries Openers help seal more anhydrous ammonia in the ground and improve seed-to-soil contact compared to previous openers,” Klemmer explains. “These new openers also feature sealed bushings and extended service life on ground-engaging parts such as the boot, seed tab, and press wheel bearing, along with fewer grease points to reduce maintenance time, resulting in lower service costs and more time operating in the paddock.”

For more information on the new 60-ft. (18.29 m) 1895 Air Drill and ProSeries Openers, as well as the full line of seeders, air carts and other seeding equipment for small grains, contact your local John Deere dealer or view the product information.

ProSeries Openers will be available for the first time on the 60-ft. (18.29m) 1895, then expanded to future models

ProSeries Openers will be available for the first time on the 60-ft. (18.29m) 1895, then expanded to future models.

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