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John Deere 5R Tractor ultimate versatile workhorse for unique operation

Man in front of John Deere tractor on his vineyard

Ease of use, operator comfort and efficiency were the key requirements, when Caythorpe Director, Scott Bishell, decided on the John Deere 5090R.

Crestmead, Queensland (26 November, 2020) —

Farm: Caythorpe
Location: Blenheim, Marlborough
Land size: 200 ha
5 Series Model: 5090R

A historic and highly-diversified agricultural enterprise, Caythorpe grows and produces a unique array of high-quality wines for export markets, premium lucerne for the equine industry and fresh cherries for local consumption on its 200 hectares of silt loam soils at Blenheim in the Marlborough Region.

Given this unique blend of commodities which makes up the business, it is critical the machines Caythorpe relies on meet the demands of any task, at any time.

Fifth generation farmer and Caythorpe Director, Scott Bishell, says the John Deere 5 Series Tractors in his fleet are the embodiment of the versatile and adaptable workhorses he needs to keep things running efficiently across the 140-year-old operation, including the modern and maneuverable 5090R.

Tell us a little bit about your farm?

We farm 200 ha of fully irrigated land, which is made up of 140 ha of vineyards with the balance used for cherries and mixed cropping.

In our cropping enterprise we grow small seeds, like red clover, and produce a lot of lucerne for the equine industry.

On top of that, we focus on winter grazing and buy store lambs, and weaner steers, to fatten and sell.

What's your average machinery cycle?

We have an ad-hoc approach to buying and trading our equipment. Our farm has expanded, so there are times when we need additional machines to fulfill the workload, as opposed to just replacing old equipment. Generally though, we look at trading machinery in when it reaches 3,500 hours. John Deere works for us in that respect, as it has terrific resale value.

What key features do you look for in machinery?

Ease of use, operator comfort and efficiency. We are trying to work smarter not harder, so if there is a machine that allows us to do that then we are more likely to invest in it.  

What attracted you to the 5 Series?

Initially, we needed tractors to work predominantly in our vineyard for fungicide spraying. But the 5 Series are versatile, so we know we can use them across our commodities when needed.

How would you rate the 5R's performance this season?

They have worked very well. For this season we have set the sprayers up with the John Deere Rate Controller 2000 alongside the StarFire™ 6000 Receivers to make the entire spray process automated and to provide proof of placement for chemical use.

This technology is a beautiful John Deere solution. It means the operator can have two hands on the steering wheel and the tech does the rest, while we can be sure the chemical has been applied at the correct time and the correct rate.

What's your favourite feature on your 5R?

The vision and view from the cab is great, especially with the panoramic roof, and the comfort is excellent as they are nice and quiet. The cab suspension is also terrific.

Would you recommend the 5 Series?

I would as we think they are a near-perfect machine. It's worth noting we found great support through John Deere Financial and were pleased they could offer us very competitive rates.

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