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John Deere 5M a reliable all rounder

Waimea Nurseries Field Services Manager Dan Manuge

Waimea Nurseries Field Services Manager Dan Manuge with the 5100M.

Crestmead, Queensland (3 December, 2020) –

Farm: Waimea Nurseries

Location:  Waimea West, twenty minutes from Nelson

Land size: 300 ha

5 Series Model: 5100M and 5100MH

CREATING a superb-quality end product means timing is everything for Waimea Nurseries.

Well-regarded as New Zealand's premium fruit tree nursery, by commercial orchardists and home green thumbs alike, the sprawling operation nurtures the growth of apples, pipfruit, stonefruit, hops, kiwifruit, feijoas and olive trees to name a few.

There is no room for error in this intensive operation and Field Services Manager, Dan Manuge, demands reliability from all components of the business, especially its machinery. It was the need for consistent performance which drew him to John Deere 5 Series Tractors, specifically the 5100M and 5100MH.

Tell us a little bit about your farm?

We have about 120 ha of land under production at any one time across quite stony, rocky soils so we are fully irrigated and roll out 800 km of dripline per year.

The bulk of our production is apple trees, but we also have a huge spectrum of other plant varieties. About 80% of our field production is for the commercial sector, and the other 20% is retail product. We sell to the likes of Bunnings, Mitre 10, and small nurseries across the country.

We have about 80 full-time staff all year round, and in the peak season we have up to 200 workers on the farm.

What's your average machinery cycle?

We have recently undergone a huge modernisation of our fleet. From now on, about every five years we will be looking to upgrade equipment.

What key features do you look for in new machinery?

Reliability is vital. We have no redundancies in our equipment, so each machine performs a really critical, and often unique, task.

What specific tasks do you use the 5100MH for?

We use our 5100MH machines when driving over our crop for our root-stock production. We needed a high clearance, which was something not many manufacturers could offer. Sitting up on 42-inch (106 cm) tyres there is 629 mm between the front axle and ground. This is vital for us as we drive over our crops right into mid to late summer and this machine ensures we cause no damage to what's in the ground.

What jobs does the 5100M complete?

The 5100M is used for a lot of utility work, planting, general mowing, spraying, soil cultivation work and some fertilising. Aside from that, in winter we use them for lifting the trees out of the ground. The enclosed cab attracted us to this model, as it provides safety and comfort for the operator when we are spraying.

Why do 5 Series tractors suit the business?  

For us, it's the ease of operator use. As we have a high number of seasonal workers, we need machines that are simple and easy for training purposes.

Would you recommend the 5 Series?

They have suited our farm well. They are a versatile machine, if I was sitting in a tractor all day, every day, I would go for the 5 Series. I would say it's a Jack of all trades, it's good across the board with multiple tasks.

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