Press Releases   June 18, 2020

Compact tractor pulls its weight around the yard.

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Gympie lifestyle farmer, Colin Kierkegaard, owned a John Deere ride-on mower for 14 years, so was no stranger to the iconic brand. When it came time to seek out a new machine he went to the guys at the Vanderfield dealership. “I’d been really happy with my ride-on mower, so I thought I’d take a look at what they had. The sales team really understood what we needed. They took the time to ask about our property and what jobs I’d be doing. They guided me in choosing the right machine and the attachments to go with it. They were with me every step of the way.”

Colin settled on a 1 Series Lifestyle Tractor. He has a 1023E model fitted with a 260B John Deere backhoe. “It looked perfect – compact – yet big enough to handle the work I needed to do.”

The 1 Series Tractor has been a huge help. “It’s saved me a lot of back breaking work that’s for sure! I use it to level some of the hollows and holes around the yard. I’ve built the pad for my shed, using the tractor to level out and compact the ground. It’s helped lay all the pipes for the pumping work I’m doing, I’ve dug some old stumps out with the backhoe, and I’ve used the post-hole digger to build my fences around the boundary.”

So what are the key features Colin really rates? “Definitely the front end loader section… I can put a mower underneath it if I want. It has a really solid frame. It’s strong, and pulls a huge load for a compact tractor. I feel really confident that it’s going to do the work.”

Put simply, Colin’s “very happy with the machine”. To the extent that another addition shortly followed. “A few months later, I decided to buy the ‘Zero-Turn’ Ride-On Mower as well.” It seems that once you’ve used a John Deere, it’s hard to consider anything else.

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