Press Releases   November 11, 2019

Deere showcases current products and innovative concepts during Agritechnica 2019

Company recognised for outstanding harvesting, product and technology innovations

Crestmead, Queensland (11 November, 2019) — At the 2019 Agritechnica exposition in Hanover, Germany, John Deere displayed award-winning product innovations and showcased its Future Technology Zone – an exhibit highlighting advanced machine technology concepts that could drive future innovations in agriculture. The exhibit included nine R&D prototypes focused on automation, electrification and artificial intelligence.

The automation display focused on ways machines could perform certain operations in the field with minimal human assistance. The electrification portion focused on replacing mechanical and hydraulic components to make machines more efficient and productive while supporting emission-free farming and a reduced CO2 footprint. Artificial intelligence, or the concept of machines having the ability to act and behave like humans, was the third and final concept displayed.

Prior to the exposition, John Deere was awarded one gold medal and three silver medals by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) jury for its latest machine technology innovations. The one and only Gold Medal was awarded for the new John Deere eAutoPower transmission, the first electro-mechanical power split transmission that makes tractor-implement electrification possible. Silver Medals were awarded to John Deere for innovations that:

  • Provide a combine operator an unprecedented level of control over the machine's feed rate.
  • Improve the operation of a large square baler through intelligent control of the tractor's transmission and a self-learning algorithm.
  • Deliver an overall efficiency package for a large combine.

During the expo, John Deere showcased its newest 7R and 8 Family Tractors, including the industry's first fixed-frame, four-track tractor, the new 8RX. In addition, John Deere has previewed an expansion to the top end of their model line-up with the all new X9 Combine and matching Draper, specifically designed and developed for tough small grain and high-moisture corn harvesting conditions. Compared to the S790, the largest model in the line-up today, the X9 Combine and Draper will deliver a step function increase in performance and productivity, while at the same time offering a significant increase in efficiency. This combination of performance and efficiency was awarded a Silver Medal by the Agritechnica medal committee.

The X9 combine achieves this performance increase in productivity and harvest efficiency through the widest body available, improved crop flow, an increase in active threshing and separation areas, and a larger cleaning shoe, all while maintaining a transport width below 3.5 m (11.5 feet). All combined, these features allow for a very high throughput, very low losses, improved grain and straw quality, and address the needs of large farmers looking to maximise their productivity and profits.

A new industrial design language will also accompany the X9 Combine and draper, along with comfort, convenience, and lighting improvements to the cab. Common operator interfaces and controls used across the broader John Deere portfolio will allow for the operator to effortlessly move between equipment.

The new Draper brings a new dimension to the header portfolio and enables maximum throughput in small grains. A hinged frame will offer unmatched ground following capabilities, with the widest wing range available, resulting in better ground following in contours and sloping terrain, delivering clean, even stubble height and straw distribution for better seed establishment and emergence for the following crop. Additionally, a deep belt with a specially designed grain saving surface will put more grain in the combine and reduce loss at the header. The new Draper will also be compatible with S-Series Combines.

All models of the S-Series Combine family will continue to be available, and will keep providing leading solutions in automation, grain quality, capacity, productivity and a low cost of operation.

The all new X9 Combine and Draper are being revealed to the public for the first time at AGRITECHNICA 2019. Official launch details will be shared at a later time.

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