NEWS RELEASE   May 24, 2023

OnLink Changing the Game

Crestmead, Queensland (24 May, 2023) — Greenkeepers and superintendents across Australia and New Zealand will soon have a new set of tools available to them to transform their working lives with the launch of the transformational John Deere Onlink platform.

With features from labour management to fleet monitoring and cost analysis, the cloud-based software is designed to improve communication among course staff, streamline efficiency and allow for more data-driven decision making.

OnLink will be launched at the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA) annual conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre from June 19 - 22.

John Deere Product Manager, David Anderson, will be at the conference to demonstrate the software, which has been continually updated and refined since its United States launch in 2019.

"This is the first time we've launched OnLink outside the US, so customers in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from the latest and greatest version of the product," Mr Anderson said.

"There are some tools on the market that do support labour or equipment management, but OnLink is unique in that everything can be done in one place.

"This means all the jobs superintendents are currently doing, whether on a whiteboard, notebook, or spreadsheet, can now be accomplished within the OnLink platform and are easily accessible wherever they are, on any internet connected device.

"As well as improving efficiency, the data available on the platform can be used to make more proactive choices around operating at a lower cost and more sustainably."

The OnLink platform records data through automatic and manual entry for items such as soil moisture, water usage, greens speed, product inventory, and weather conditions. A summary of this data is presented on the OnLink dashboard to keep staff informed in real-time.

Superintendents can assign and monitor their team's jobs from any device, keep track of their fleet and schedule maintenance.

John Deere Australia/New Zealand Production Systems Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski, said OnLink will be focal point in further optimising the industry-leading technology already available for local customers.

"The more John Deere machines you connect to OnLink, the greater the value for greenkeepers and superintendents because that integrated data becomes really powerful," Ms Gersekowski said.

"Say there's a sudden shift in weather, or a last-minute change to a tournament schedule, they can update a work planner and instantly send that through to the entire team.

"There's a lot of excitement about the software coming to Australia and New Zealand, particularly with larger courses already running a whole fleet of green and gold.

"Launching OnLink at the ASTMA Conference gives us a chance to come together with others in the industry and engage with our customers. It's wonderful to see such buzz around the turf industry at the moment and we're excited to contribute to that."

To learn more about OnLink, visit the John Deere stand at the 2023 ASTMA conference, or see your local John Deere dealer.

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