Auger Platforms

draper family equipment in field

High performance drapers

How can you make sure you don’t leave crop in the field? Choose one of our rigid or hinged frame drapers. Covering a variety of widths, ranging from 9.1-m to 15.2-m models. We’ve added an all-new line of hinged drapers to reduce total header loss, while consistently maintaining desired cut height to put more grain in your tank.

Meet the Auger Platforms

ModelsCutting WidthHydraFlex™

4.9 m (16 ft.)

5.5 m (18 ft.)

6.1 m (20 ft.)

6.7 m (22 ft.)


7.6 m (25 ft.)


9.2 m (30 ft.)


10.7 m (35 ft.)

600c series corn heads

700C Series Corn Heads

Designed for superior gathering performance when harvesting standing, down or lean crop. 

s series combine moving through field overhead view

S-Series Combines

Harvest. Smarter. Introducing the new S700 Series Combines.