TechControl Display

The TechControl Display. Available on all our A Model Fairway, Rough, and Trim and Surrounds Mowers

Now, every operator on your crew can mow to your exact specifications. With the TechControl Display, you can easily program your mowers to mow and turn at exact speeds, to transport at preset speeds, and to lock in fuel savings. You can also plug in service reminders and get diagnostic feedback quickly and accurately. Take a look at what the TechControl can do for you and your course.

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More Control

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Mow Speed

With the Mow Speed screen, you can set the mowing speed simply and quickly. Unlike a speed limiting system using a bolt, once the speed is locked in, it stays locked in. Similar to Mow Speed, the Transport Speed lets you determine the speed at which your operators transport from hole to hole.

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Turn Speed

The Turn Speed screen lets you slow down a mower to a percentage of the mowing speed as the cutting units are lifted after a pass, greatly reducing scuffing. The mower then resumes its normal speed after the reels are lowered back down for the next pass.

Fast and Accurate Diagnostics

The TechControl display gives timely diagnostic feedback to the operator and service technician. A message appears in the display screen alerting the operator and the status screens help the technician quickly and accurately diagnose the issue.

mow engine speed screen

Mow Engine Speed

The Mow Engine speed screen allows you to reduce the throttle settings when the PTO is engaged. With our E-Cut™ Hybrid mowers, you can bring the engine speed down to 2300 RPMs, significantly reducing engine noise while also increasing fuel economy.

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The LoadMatch screen lets you manage the conditions in which you are mowing, as well as the terrain. Thanks to LoadMatch, if the reels come under heavy load while mowing, the machine's traction speed will slow allowing reels to turn and maintain cut quality.

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TechControl is available exclusively for A Model mowers.

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