Fleet of John Deere construction equipment with holograph graphics overlaying machine images

Precision Construction Technology

John Deere's Precision Construction technology solutions help you get more done, more efficiently. Our suite of advanced technologies help optimise your machines, your uptime, and your job sites, ultimately leading to improved profits. Amplify these advantages with John Deere Connected Support, teaming with your dealer for powerful machine monitoring, remote diagnostics, and guidance from expert technology specialists.

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Standard on most new models, JDLink connectivity provides valuable fleet insights and enables other Precision Construction solutions.

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Grade Management

With John Deere grade management technology guiding your grades, you can reduce labour, improve accuracy, and enable operators of all skill levels to produce excellent results.

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Payload Weighing

Dynamic weighing technology allows operators to weigh without interrupting workflow, with accurate payload targets and overload alarms helping to eliminate excess weight or fines.

Personnel view data on large screens and computer monitors

Connected Support

Enabled through the JDLink™ connectivity, John Deere Connected Support leverages a suite of dealer and factory tools designed to deliver increased productivity and uptime, and lower daily operating costs. It’s one of the most powerful reasons to run John Deere.

Mixed-Fleet Data Solutions

We make it easy for you to get all your connectivity data in one place by collaborating with a diverse group of construction software and logistics portal providers.