The John Deere Digital Ecosystem

The John Deere Digital Ecosystem connects your equipment, people and data in near real time from a mobile device such as your smart phone, tablet or laptop. It gives you the power to manage your farm more efficiently and profitably from anywhere. Whether you want to monitor the progress of operators, see which varieties performed best, or find a piece of equipment, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

How does the Digital Ecosystem work?

It’s simple. As your equipment operates in the field, the data collected is automatically streamed to your John Deere Operations Center™ account.

The connection to your equipment is two-way allowing you to send information to your operators in the field such as boundaries, guidance lines, flags and job information, ensuring they get going faster and have the right information to get the job done correctly.

You can monitor the job progress remotely, identify potential mistakes faster, and more efficiently manage logistics such as refuelling equipment or delivering products like fertiliser and seed to keep machines running.

Equipment, people and data - they’re all connected anywhere, anytime.