The value of digital plans

Good plans mean fewer mistakes. If everyone knows what they need to do when they get to the field, they can get going faster.

Digital plans are the creation of a number of individual work tasks that need to be completed during the season. For example if you need to apply nitrogen to a field at 50 kgs/ha, we would consider this one work task. You would use your equipment (tractor and spreader or sprayer), product (urea of flexi-N), and people (operator) to complete the work.

Typically this information might come from an agronomist, or via the software your agronomist uses. You arrange the products you need, and you do the work in the field.

So where is the value in digital plans?

As the season gets busy or your farm grows and you have more fields, equipment and people, it can get difficult to keep track of what needs to happen where. However, if you’ve taken the time to set up all your assets like fields, equipment and people digitally, now you can start connecting them all together in your plans. Good plans will help to make everyone understand what needs to happen where and when, allowing everyone to get going faster and make fewer mistakes.

But we’re dealing with Mother Nature, so the best laid plans always change. But that’s okay as you can change your plans on the go from your phone or tablet and keep everyone in your business on the same page.

Some of the benefits of good digital planning include:

More automated setup in the cab means more productive time infield
Keep everyone informed and avoid costly mistakes
Monitor progress and adapt your plans to changing conditions

We suggest you use the following planning tools as a minimum:

Your Plan

Implementing your plan digitally

When you get to the field, you just want to get stuck in. But collecting quality data means the operator must set up the display correctly. This can take time but it doesn't have to.

Setup Builder can help your operators get going faster while still collecting quality data. It allows you to create a list of people, equipment, fields and products you want to use so your operators only need to select from a list to get the machine set up correctly. No more entering data manually on the display, just get in, select from a list and go!

Setup Builder

Setup Builder allows you to add the people, equipment, fields, products an operator needs for the coming season.

Create a setup file for the whole farm, just a season, or some specific work. The key is to only include the people, equipment, fields and products an operator needs to get the job done. It’s a balance. Too much information and you invite confusion. Too little information and the operator will waste time adding additional information. But don’t worry, because your ecosystem’s connected, if you make a mistake you can correct it almost immediately! Setup Builder will help you collect higher quality data in less time.

Get started in Setup Builder

Creating a setup file
How to create a prescription

Now you have your Plan set up, it’s time to move onto Monitor & Control so you can see what is happening in real time in the field or remotely.

View Monitor & Control