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Get increased productivity and reduced spraying costs with John Deere Spraying equipment.

A Self Propelled 600 Series Sprayer spraying during the day

The John Deere 400 and 600 Series Sprayers are equipped with an integrated Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, StarFire™ 7000 Receiver and JDLink™ Connectivity. These technologies enable you to deliver precise, consistent applications in your fields with minimal waste – all recorded automatically through John Deere Operations Center™, making it easy to understand exactly how much you have applied, and where.

See & Spray™ Select, available now on the 400 and 600 Series Sprayers, is a broadcast and targeted spraying system that allows you to target weeds on fallow ground or in standing stubble, taking your spraying program to the next level. By using computer vision and advanced technology to target weeds only, this latest in innovation means you can achieve an average of 77% in herbicide savings1.

ExactApply™ nozzle control technology works hand-in-hand with the See & Spray Select system to reduce potential drift and ensure you are achieving the desired droplet.

No matter where you are in your spraying journey, this series of videos will help you get the most out of the technology that is integrated into your John Deere Self-Propelled Sprayer. Whether you are looking to optimise machine setup or capture accurate spray records, these videos will provide you with step-by-step instructions to achieve these things quickly and easily.

1 Based on tank-level sensor values taken at a steady state on John Deere sprayers equipped with and without See & Spray™ Select, before and after covering 30,351 hectares (75,000 acres) of fallow ground with a typical weed pressure of 7,500 weeds per hectare (3,000 weeds per acre), using small and medium spray-length settings starting at 0.7 to 1 m (2.3 to 3.2 ft.) and average growing conditions (seasonal precipitation and temperature) across the US and Canadian plains and Australian farms. Spray-length settings varied based on ground speed, spray pressure, and boom height. Sprayers were equipped with current hardware and software at time of study. Individual results may vary based on field and growing conditions, weed pressure, spray-length settings, and software version.

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Spray Setup

Sprayer Setup

Good machine setup and maintenance leads to optimal spraying performance, and setting up equipment for accurate data collection is no different!

How to Set Up your Sprayer

Before you start spraying, use the Work Setup app in the Gen 4 display to select the right information relevant to the field that you are in. Basic machine, product and weather setup is covered in this video, ensuring your machine is ready to collect accurate spraying records.


The ExactApply™ nozzle control system allows you to achieve precise droplet and rate control across your entire boom, equating to 3 to 5% savings1 in chemical usage. Individual nozzle control and Turn Compensation enables the rate to be adjusted across the boom while turning, eliminating over-application, crop burn, and off-target application along field boundaries. With in-cab controls, you can monitor and fine-tune your target pressure over a wider range of speeds, ensuring you are achieving the desired droplet size and product rate.

See & Spray™ Select

See & Spray Select uses advanced camera technology and the ExactApply nozzle control system to spray only weeds on fallow ground or standing stubble. This results in less herbicide applied per hectare and allows the use of more effective tank mixes to control herbicide-resistant weeds. This series of videos runs you through the process of setting up the See & Spray system on your Gen 4 display, and how to adjust the various sensitivity, coverage, fall back, and diagnostic settings.

JDLink™ connectivity and Data Sync

Equipment in John Deere Operations Center™ web is your tool to manage the JDLink™ connection to your machines. This connection provides simple, seamless, and continuous machine and agronomic data sharing, fully linking you to your equipment and people.

Data Sync on Generation 4 displays enables automatic transfer of agronomic and machine data from your machine to your Operations Center account. For machines equipped with a 4G modem, machine location data is updated every 5 seconds, and agronomic data every 30 seconds.

1 Factory study comparing chemical usage between sprayers equipped with and without the ExactApply nozzle-control system. ExactApply is an optional feature and can reduce chemical usage from 2 to 5%. Individual results may vary.

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Spray Plan

Implementing your Plan Digitally

Good planning means fewer mistakes. If your team knows what they need to do when they get to the field, they can get going faster.

Work Planner for Spraying

Setting up your operations in Work Planner allows you to plan work from your office, or on the go, and send it directly to your machines. This simplifies the setup experience in the cab, automating the setup of work details by providing a pop-up to prompt the operator of planned work as they enter the field. This saves time and reduces mistakes, ensuring that the data captured represents an accurate and usable record of spraying activities throughout the year, and is easily accessible through John Deere Operations Center™.

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Spray Analyse

The Value of Analysis

When the job’s finished, you want to know if you were successful. Our analysis tools help you understand what worked well and where you have opportunities to improve.

View, Analyse & Share your Spraying Data

With the Analysis tools in John Deere Operations Center™ it is easy to view, analyse and share your spraying data. This includes product rates, and weather information, at the field, and farm level, all recorded through the Gen 4 display at the time of operation.