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John Deere has an unrivalled reputation globally for dependable quality, proven reliability, outstanding durability, and strong performance. And now excavators designed, built, and backed by John Deere are available for you to put to work right here in Australia. Ergonomic automotive-quality styling, 7 inch touch-screen monitor, and intuitive controls deliver maximum productivity all day long. Together we’ll meet even the toughest demands.

E300-II LC Excavators

Check out John Deere's 30 metric tonne excavator. It's loaded with operator friendly features such as a spacious cab, intuitive controls and large touch-screen monitor.  The Intelligent Hydraulic system and PowerTech™ Plus engine, enables these machines deliver impressive performance with smooth, low-effort control. 

  • Heavy-Duty arm and boom for severe applications.
  • Rigid side shields and sheet metal resists dents.
  • Extra Side Bumper on 300 Series HD version.
  • Steel ribs help safeguard the arm when curling the bucket.
  • Steel collars protect vulnerable grease points in tough environments.
  • Double Grouser Track Shoes optional on E380-II LC.
  • Sealed and lubricated undercarriage and heavy-duty welded C-frame provide a solid, stable platform.
  • Full Length Track Guides optional on 200 Series LC models & 300 Series models.
  • Sloped track frame resists material buildup to decrease cleaning time.
  • A wide selection of custom-profile buckets with different taper angles, capacities and widths. ISO pins.
  • HD for moderate duty or mixed applications such as dry or wet clay, compacted soils, well blasted rocks.
  • GP for soft to medium materials such as earth-loam, sand and fine gravel.
  • SD for severe applications such as shot rocks, prying and tearing, caliche and highly compacted materials.
  • John Deere IHC (Intelligent Hydraulic Control) system perfectly balances performance and fuel economy with in-house engine and electricals.
  • Hydraulic hoses are O-ring-face sealed and routed where they’re protected and easy to repair.
  • Updated plumbing to ORFS; New hoses and routing; Hydraulic Tank Optimisation with the new return filter for main hydraulics.
  • Auto Pressure Boost available on demand and slew circuit max pressure.
  • Selectable 90/180 degree Truck Loading Mode to push the operator performance boundary even higher (E300-II, E380-II and E400-II).
  • Extended 4000 hour hydraulic oil service intervals decrease downtime for routine maintenance.
  • More Aux options to support a wider range of hydraulically driven attachments.
  • Easy-to-read large 7 inch touchscreen monitor along with the new Sealed Switch Module (SSM) provides quick access to a wealth of information and functions.
  • Keyless Start with PIN enables you to provide tailored access for up to 10 operators.
  • Floor to ceiling front glass to maximise visibility.
  • Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot levers were designed for smooth, predictable fingertip control with less movement or effort.
  • Fully adjustable Air-Suspension Premium Leather Seat with wide padded armrests is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of operators.
  • Field-proven Deere PowerTech Plus™ diesel engine with VCT, replaceable Wet Sleeve Cylinders, Auto Idle and Turbo Cool-down.
  • Smart Auto Idle for lower fuel consumption and faster responsiveness.
  • Unique High (H) mode with higher power curve than Low (L), economy (E) and Standard (S) modes.
  • Extended 500 hour engine oil and filter service intervals decrease downtime for routine maintenance.
  • Variable speed cooling fan for lower fuel and noise (reversible on E300-II, E380-II and E400-II).
  • Fully integrated with JD_ICH hydraulic system.

Excavator Manufacturing

Check out John Deere’s purpose built construction equipment factory in Tianjin.  Join John Deere’s Brian Rauch, Senior Vice President for Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply Management as he takes you through the history, the factories capabilities and the equipment made.


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Dealer Support

Stay up and running and lower your costs by making the most of our world-class dealer network.

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