Expert Alerts™

Maximise your machine’s uptime.

Expert Alerts™ assist to identify and diagnose a machine in some situations before a machine is symptomatic, allowing the operator to continue with operation temporarily until a convenient time - minimising cost of repair and potential impact on machine components. This is a proactive system, where your dealer is notified of potential concerns and will work with you to ensure your machine is operational for the maximum period of time with minimal impact on your operation or bottom line.

How it works

With your consent, Expert Alerts™ utilise advanced algorithms to analyse telematics data to proactively identify potential machine component failures. It provides clear instructions on the potential failure, time until failure may occur and repair requirements.

These Advanced algorithms coupled with real time data allow customers and dealers to reduce service costs and improve operational performance and productivity.

Expert Alerts™ coupled with Machine Dashboard create a proactive dealer service approach to ensure your machines’ uptime is maximised.