Fully Autonomous Tractor and Tillage

Imagine. A tractor that not only thinks, it sees. A tractor that's always ready to work, no matter how early or how late. A tractor that lets you and your operators tackle other jobs, while it does its job... by itself.

Introducing the autonomous John Deere tractor. Here's an inside peek into autonomous farming.

Are you autonomy ready?

Chances are you're already closer than you think, if you're using precision technology like Starfire™ receivers and AutoPath™ guidance. And, if you're comfortable transferring maps, tillage prescriptions, and machine and field data to and from the tractor in John Deere Operations Center™, you're more than halfway to full autonomy. You can also familiarise yourself with other machine based technologies and CommandCenter™ Automation 4.0 applications, including:

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No operator? No problem. A tractor that can knock out time-consuming tillage work all by itself.

How it Works

The system uses components and applications you're probably already familiar with — like a StarFire receiver, AutoTrac Turn Automation, and Operations Center. But we added a few innovations to make it fully autonomous:

Icon of the 360-degree cameras on the John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor.

360° Cameras

Advanced cameras provide 360° vision to see objects in the field and triangulate distance.

Icon of the high-speed processor on the John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor.

High-Speed Processor

As images stream from the cameras, a high-speed processor evaluates every pixel of every image.

Icon of the Neural Network on the John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor.

Neural Network

Artificial intelligence sorts the images and determines if the area is safe to drive over or not... all in about 100 milliseconds.

Why do I need autonomy?

Would an extra worker come in handy? One that's never late. One that won't mind working all night. That's one of the beauties about autonomy. It's like an extra pair of hands. Another one is that it allows you to cheat time. By leaving the tractor out to do more work, you can shave precious minutes off tight windows, beat the weather and take advantage of favourable soil conditions when the time's right. That's more hectares and more productivity, all without adding more labour.