My journey at Deere: Anuradha Khilnani

Anuradha Khilnani - John Deere

Growing up in the Indian city of Bhopal, Anuradha Khilnani developed a vision to “improve the lives of as many people as possible”. And, it has been the opportunity to combine her work1 with her own ideals that has made her 15-year, four-continent career with John Deere, where she is Scrum Master (Platform & Technology) – Forestry IT, so rewarding.

“Because the company is so deeply rooted in giving back to the community, I think it makes me all the more proud to be associated with the a business that makes a positive change,” Anu said. “I feel the Deere core values are upheld with utmost integrity and demonstrated steadfastly, despite the cultural differences from one country to another.”

After completing a Master’s degree in Computer Applications in India and working briefly in the United States, Anu was drawn to a career with John Deere. “I had applied for roles at three different organisations, one of them was John Deere, and I was offered positions by all of them. “In the time that I had to make a decision on which employer to choose, I kept encountering the John Deere logo in the most uncanny and unexpected ways. “I took that as a sign and accepted the position at John Deere as a software engineer!” In this initial role, at the John Deere Technology Center in India, Anu worked on cutting-edge software and applications, alongside some of the world’s best minds in their field, to develop the Timbermatic™ software for John Deere Harvesters and Forwarders.

Anu went on to work in Finland and Sweden, which exposed her to the global nature of the John Deere business and, in 2011, she was part of a team that was awarded the prestigious John Deere President’s Award for Innovation. She received the news after moving to New Zealand and starting as IT Manager at John Deere Waratah™.  “For my name to appear alongside the rest of the product development team was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise, a proud moment indeed!” Anu says her career has been full of unique challenges that have fine-tuned her skills and driven her passion. “Having an unwavering support network of colleagues and leadership who have nurtured my potential and drive for success has seen my career take off around the globe and stretched my capabilities to new heights.”

After working across the world for Deere, Anu landed in Brisbane, managing the technology aspect of all Industry and Financial Systems landscapes for John Deere Forestry Brazil, John Deere Forestry Europe and Waratah in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. “I am analytical and very keen to solve technical problems,” Anu said. “I work with an extremely talented team equipped with diverse technical and business acumen that I learn so much from every day.”

Anu said every role she has held at John Deere has been different to the previous one and, despite knowing “nothing to very little about what I was stepping into – including the new country I was moving to”, she has always been supported. “The leaders I worked with had confidence that I was prepared for those opportunities. “A passion for numbers and coding started my journey in Deere, but it is the values underpinning the culture of the company that inspires me to do my best every day. “I am part of something bigger than just hard iron and computer algorithms and I firmly believe that, by working for John Deere, I am making a difference in lives around the world.”