Three Rethus family members stand together in front of their John Deere X9 Harvester

Precision Agriculture
with the Rethus’

From machine performance to field management to data analysis, more and more farmers are using John Deere’s Precision Ag tools to find new efficiencies, improve yields, and increase profits.

Here the Rethus family – third generation farmers from Victoria, share the learnings from their Precision Ag journey, including addressing some of the key barriers that hold farmers back from adopting it, advice on how to take that first step, and the wins it can help deliver.

“Precision Ag is about taking the subjectivity out of business decisions, making our job easier and our business more sustainable”

For the Rethus family, the adoption of Precision Agriculture has been a game changer.

Taking the First Step

Getting started with Precision Ag needn’t feel daunting. Here the Rethus’ share their advice on how to take that first step and the savings in time and money to be made.

Breaking Down the Barriers

Intimidating. Unreliable. Difficult to use. Watch as the Rethus’ break down some of the misconceptions that hold farmers back from adopting Precision Ag.

Tech at Work

Discover how realtime visibilty, Remote Display Access, and digital record keeping help the Rethus’ to make on-the-go adjustments, provide labour support, and save time. 

Yield Analysis

Learn how the Rethus' combine yield data with other data layers to develop insights that can be used to continuously improve their farming practices.

Protein Analysis

With HarvestLabTM 3000 grain sensing technology mapping protein in real-time, understand how the Rethus’ are able to make more informed decisions around protein segregation and nutrient management to optimise yield and maximise profit.

Help at Hand

Having a digital product specialist embedded in your local dealership means you’ll never feel like you're doing it alone. For the Rethus', it also means having a partner to provide support and advice throughout their Precision Ag journey.