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Let’s celebrate the contributions of those whose efforts keep food on our table, a roof over our head, and all of us connected. We’re shining a light on the very people who are keeping the world running.

Yummy Fruit Company, NZ

Yummy Fruit Company, Hawkes Bay NZ

If your quality is 20% better, in Asia, they will pay you for it. They really appreciate that quality and that’s a wonderful market to be in.

Tom and Victoria Brown, Esperance WA

Tom and Victoria Brown, Esperance WA

“I draw inspiration from the fact that I can look forward and dream about how I can improve next year.”

LeaderBrand, NZ

LeaderBrand®, NZ

“As an industry I think we need to make agriculture more attractive for potential employees.”

Greensill Farming

Greensill Farming, Qunaba QLD

“In years to come there will be more focus on carbon embedded in food, so we need to be in front of that curve as well.”

Yealand Wines, Marlborough NZ Image

Yealands Wines, Marlborough NZ

“Don’t work in isolation, you can achieve a lot more if you partner with others or talk to people.”

Peter and Caroline Tuohey, Carrathool NSW

Peter and Caroline Tuohey, Carrathool NSW

“I really hope consumers support Australian agriculture and buy Australian when they can.”